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#1 2012-12-21 15:14:01

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Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 28

New version Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 28 released.

Release notes:
1. Quick Viewer zoom support added.
2. Word wrap option implemented for Quick Viewer.
3. Move operation cannot be canceled - fixed.
4. Main menu bar displays wrong icons - fixed.
5. Font files cannot be opened from panel - fixed.
6. Command line drag&drop supported implemented.
7. French localization added.
8. Splitter menu added.
9. Restore from tray problem fixed.
10. Now edit dialog opens after ColorFileFilter/ViewEditFilter clone.
11. Fixed drive buttons incorrect update after USB player, flash, e.t.c removed.
12. "Insert selection into command line" command added.
13. FTP connection reset detection improved.
14. Some internal file operations changes done.

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