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#1 2012-12-07 14:56:43

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Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 26

New version Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 26 released.

Release notes:
1. Navigation settings page added (open root folder, symlinks and history length now here).
2. New options for "Open in nearest panel" functionality: open in new tab and move focus.
3. Minimize to tray functionality introduced.
4. Close to tray option added.
5. Tab functionality problem when quick viewer enabled - fixed.
6. Disk selection using middle mouse button added.
7. Enter, Alt+Enter, Ctrl+Enter hotkeys cannot be set in settings - fixed.
8. Max file size option for quick viewer added.
9. System icon not displayed in Control panel menu - fixed.
10. "Search for exact match" option added to file search functionality.
11. Quick search doesn't work for numpad keys - fixed.
12. "Show/hide hidden files" command added.
13. Navigation panel color/font settings introduced.
14. Panels layout command added.
15. Icon loading memory leak fixed.
16. Better icon support for main toolbar drag&drop functionality.

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