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#1 2014-07-18 15:11:15

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Concentrate on file manager features. Imitate. Sell.

I think Just Manager's support for more than two panels is important.
In forums for other file managers (e.g. Xplorer2), I've seen suggestions to support more than two panels met with overt hostility.  Odd...

I think it is best to concentrate on file manager features, rather than trying to add functions supported by other programs.  Linking to other programs seems a nice idea, e.g. the button to start the Windows Command Prompt can be handy, because it starts cmd.exe in the current tab's folder.  I'm not sure about FTP support; I hardly ever use FTP.

I think it is fair to imitate features from other file managers, judiciously of course.  There could be legal issues.

Just Manager could evolve into the popular two-tier product model: a free version and a more-powerful commercial version.  Money can support the programmers needed to add important features, i.e. the ones I want...  And money can support translating forum posts between Russian and English.

For your amusement:

Google Translate is helpful, but it translates "Велика сила привычки. Сейчас у меня основной проводник" into "Large force of habit. Now I have a main conductor"  (Suggestions at 2012-12-22 14:11:47).  That must be a good thing, whatever it is.

For "I think Just Manager's support for more than two panels is important.", Google Translate offers "Я думаю, что поддержка Справедливой Управляющего более двух панелей важно."  Translating the Russian back to English gives "I think that support for more equitable management of the two panels is important."  Sheesh.


#2 2014-08-17 13:58:16

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Re: Concentrate on file manager features. Imitate. Sell.

Just Manager supports more than two panels.


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