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#1 2014-05-10 14:06:52

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Freespace on CIFS share (and a lot more)


Great work on your program - hope it will be develop for long time, and surpass wc/tc.

1. Im having problem with samba/cifs share, jm wont give info about free space.
I need to mount those CIFS shares to see free space on them. Could you make them to appear even when they ain't mounted?
This feature is in tc, so this should be posible.

2. Oh, It would be great that SPACE would not only show space used by folder but select folder  (EDIT: I see I could change insert with space but SELECT AND CALCULATE would be great in hotkeys)

3. When creating folder pointer/selector should be on tha created folder, like you create it and hit enter to go into it (EDIT: i think this is there but not allways work)

4. when deleteing file, there should be a name of file you are deleting

5. when moving/deleteing files, there is invisible quote (using windows 8.1 64bit): if im moving folder from C:/test/new_test and delete/move something from c:/test/ it as me if I wana do that, if I click "yes" then popup disapper and nothing happes, I can do that multiplay times, but when the first moving (new_test) is finished the othere move/delete command are execute - cant tell if its win8.1 releted

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#2 2014-08-17 13:51:29

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Re: Freespace on CIFS share (and a lot more)

1. Can you describe problem in more details.

2. You can set any hotkey for "Calculate folder size" function.

3. Need steps to reproduce.

4. Where name should be displayed?

5. Describe problem in more details, please. Need steps to reproduce.


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