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#1 2015-07-11 19:34:53

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Option to sync locked tabs to all panels


I'm constantly adding new locked tabs and it would be great if all panels could share them. I usually have four panels open and having to manually switch to the other panels, navigate to the desired folder, and add as a new locked tab is very time consuming. In addition, it would also be important that renaming a locked tab would get updated on all panels because I frequently rename them to shorten their name, allowing more tabs to appear. Preserving the locked tab drag-and-drop order would also be important as I often move them around for grouping purposes.

I would envision that a newly locked tab would appear on all open panels, but the current panel contents would not change. For example, suppose panel 1 is showing c:\windows and panel 2 is showing c:\windows\system32. I'm in panel 2 and choose to lock the tab, then rename it to be "sys32". When I'm done locking/renaming, panel 1 is still showing the contents of c:\windows, and I'll see "sys32" as a new locked tab.


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