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#1 2014-10-09 19:06:16

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copy & paste issues

I use the latest unofficial pre a55:

- when copy and paste from vmware via CTRL+C then CTRL+V
instead of copying a file from vmware to JU a empty folder with the same name is created
(copy and paste via context menu not via shortcuts CTRL+C/V works as expected)

- after connecting my smart phone via usb, then CTRL+C then CTRL+V to copy via MTP
some pictures to JU, no copy file dialog is displayed. after some time the files appear in JU all of the sudden.
I checked with a process monitor tool that JU is working but the dialog is missing.
Also it takes very long to copy, average copy speed is ~500kB/s.

BTW, when do you expect MTP support?

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