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#1 2014-02-11 02:45:05

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macro suggestions: %LEFTPANEL%; %RIGHTPANEL%; %RANDOM%

1. when copying some large file over the network, I'd like to use robocopy in order to assure the correct transfer of files when the network gets disconnected at 99% after copying let's say a few GB. I managed to find a "static" solution but I'm looking for a more flexible way via a macro. The %PATH% works but I need a SOURCE and DESTINATION (active left and right panel). This could be a macro I am missing something like %LEFTPANEL% and %RIGHTPANEL% or %PANEL1% and %PANEL2% if you like.

2. sometimes I'm missing a %RANDOM% macro which would allow me to select a random file (eg. music or movie)

3. another FM allow automation via scripting, will this come any day?

edit: here is how it's done in other FM:

PS: I know you're a 1 man show, so take your time. smile

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#2 2014-08-17 13:29:25

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Re: macro suggestions: %LEFTPANEL%; %RIGHTPANEL%; %RANDOM%

Will be added in future versions.


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