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#1 2013-07-21 16:09:13

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Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 50

New version Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 50 released.

Release notes:
1. Application hangs when closing Quick Search dialog - fixed.
2. Move operation isn't used by default when drag-and-drop file on same disk - fixed.
3. Rename functionality on double-click in NC style - fixed.
4. Inverting selection with Ctrl in NC style added.
5. Quick Viewer automatic image resize implemented.
6. Asynchronous CFSTR_FILEDESCRIPTOR support added for drag-and-drop.
7. "Not selected" message removed when right click on ".." item.
8. In Ctrl+Alt_Letter quick search mode pressed letter not added to editbox - fixed.
9. Nav panel doesn't save state when using "Show/hide nav panel" command - fixed.
10. Transparent selection option added for panels.
11. "Go to next item when using SelectItem command" option added.

Download 32bit
Download 64bit


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