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#1 2013-04-26 17:18:35

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Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 45

New version Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 45 released.

Release notes:
1. "The specified path is invalid" error when moving folders - fixed.
2. Open path edit command in path panel contextual menu doesn't work - fixed.
3. FTP error handling improved.
4. Copy/move file to FTP operation now checks file for existence.
5. After FTP disconnection panel displays default path - fixed.
6. FTP reconnection process uses currently selected panel - fixed.
7. Now selected tab used as source for new tab.
8. Drag-and-drop to ".." element not allowed in non-Details view - fixed.
9. Mount points handling changed.
10. File operation progress now changes color if operation paused.
11. Main toolbar doesn't display icons for exe files without icon - fixed.
12. Auto-rename function improved.
13. Problem with some controls drawing when visual styles disabled - fixed.
14. FTP disconnect button changed.
15. File filter dialog now supports adding extensions separated by "," and ";".
16. Resources toolbar collapsed buttons don't work - fixed.
17. Graphics disk usage is incorrect when there is no free space - fixed.
18. Disk update received by first panel with the same disk - fixed.
19. FTP log splitter added.
20. Equal paths confirmation added.
21. Now FTP client sends CLNT command.
22. FTP connection now supports code page selection.
23. Drag-and-drop to network folder doesn't work - fixed.
24. "Open FTP manager at unsuccessful connection" option added.
25. Icon search mode selection implemented.

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