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#1 2012-12-14 16:29:15

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Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 27

New version Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 27 released.

Release notes:
1. Move file between drives problem fixed.
2. Directory updates not received for network paths - fixed.
3. Toolbars buttons size problem after font changing - fixed.
4. Background color option added for function keys toolbar.
5. Function key buttons icon and text now centered.
6. Navigation toolbar redraw problem fixed.
7. Clone option added to color file filters settings page.
8. Fonts/colors and color file filter settings now on separate tabs.
9. Clone option added to view/edit settings page.
10. "Close not locked tabs on exit" option introduced.
11. More correct way to detect default Viewer/Editor path implemented.
12. Tray icon context menu added.
13. Problem with delete to Recycle Bin confirmation - fixed.
14. Chinese Simplified translation included.
15. "Go to command line by letter key" option added.

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